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Public cord blood bank

Aim of public cord blood banks is to support the health of the society. Public banks operate in many countries around the world to collect and preserve cord blood donations from healthy pregnancies. Cryopreserved stem cells can be used for treatment, if there will be the match to save the life of a patient who needs a stem cell transplant or for research purposes. The costs of running public cord blood bank are covered by governments or private sponsor, like Famicord Group. 

As part of this initiative Famicord group allows the donation of umbilical cord blood in selected hospitals in Europe. Parents who decide to donate umbilical cord blood to a public bank decide on a beautiful gesture. They donate valuable stem cells that can save someone's life and health, but unlike family banking, they give up their rights to use in in the treatment. This means that they do not bear the costs of obtaining and storing umbilical cord blood, but they give up the possibility of using it if the need arises in the future.

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