A family bank with vast experience

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    Founded in 2003, Stemlab was one of the first family stem cell cryopreservation banks in Europe

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    More than 100,000 parents have trusted Stemlab to collect and cryopreserve stem cells samples. This makes Stemlab one of the 4 largest stem cell banks in Europe.

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    We have already contributed to 15 transplants in 10 children (in Europe and the United States).

Over 10 years of experience

Find out about some of the most important moments in the history of Stemlab, which is completely dedicated to the development of cryopreservation solutions and stem cell based therapies.


The founders of Stemlab, a group of scientists and professionals in the life sciences field, create one the first umbilical cord blood stem cell banks in Europe.

Performed Transplants

Learn more about the 8 children who have received transplants with stem cells stored at Stemlab.

Frederico was born with severe combined immunodeficiency and it became apparent that he would need a transplant. His parents had chosen to cryopreserve his sibling’s cord blood, and it was these stem cells that helped Frederico in a transplant carried out at the Portuguese Oncology Institute. This rare disease is characterised by immune system deficiencies that make patients vulnerable to serious infections, which are eventually fatal. In Frederico’s case, the solution was a stem cell transplant. The team was led by the Oncology Center’s Immunohemotherapy Department, which decided to use the umbilical cord blood sample from his compatible sibling, stored by Stemlab in 2003. After being contacted by the Oncology Center, Stemlab released the sample to allow the cell conditions to be verified and the sibling compatibility test to be performed. Today, 9 years later, Frederico is completely cured.