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Stemlab’s stem cell cryopreservation solutions
represent a unique opportunity to make the most ofumbilical cord properties.


Solutions and prices

Stemlab’s Cryopreservation Options

Stemlab’s options to store stem cells are a unique opportunity for your family.



Cryopreservation of cord blood stem cells with basic processing methods that are the market standard in Switzerland. Cryopreservation of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells with basic processing methods that are the market standard in Switzerland. Most complete option that can increase the success rate of future treatments.
Cord blood and tissue are processed with 4 different methods, enabling the storage of up to 15% more cells and the immediate isolation of stem cells from the cord tissue.

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Starting from 2.900 CHF*



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Unique advantages of Stemlab’s services

Processing and storage of cord blood and tissue in our state-of-the-art laboratory, unique in Europe with AABB accreditation for both blood and tissue. Exclusive testing to all samples received, including cord tissue, in order to ensure maximum quality of the stem cells stored. All testing results included in the final certificate. In the event of stem cells use, all options include treatment support, worth up to 20.000 CHF, and medical / scientific support ensured by our team of experts in the scientific and transplantation field. Backup agreement with an English bank to guarantee that samples will be kept stored, if necessary. Samples protection insurance of 107 million Euros.
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Options to reduce initial investment effort

Complex technology is required to ensure that stem cells are preserved over decades, leading to a high level of investment requirements. Our cryopreservation solutions are an investment for life, with an increasing likelihood of use as time advances. This is why we offer a range of options to store with us.

Payment Methods

If you do not want to pay in full up front, split your payment up into 12 fixed instalments without any additional associated interest.

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The cryopreservation process in six steps

Click on each of the six steps to find out how the cryopreservation process works and what care needs to be taken.

Ideally, the cryopreservation application process should be carried out at least two months prior to birth. The first step is the acquisition of the umbilical cord tissue and cord blood collection kit from Stemlab right here on this website, by calling 041 588 05 99, or by visiting us in our facilities at the Zug Business Park. Please contact us as soon as possible if the birth is less than two months away.

After birth, this collection kit will subsequently be delivered to Stemlab’s cryopreservation laboratory, where the samples will be processed and stored for the agreed period.

After receiving the collection kit, the “Clinical Assessment Questionnaire – and Informed consent” form and the copy of the “Service Agreement” included with the collection kit must be filled in and sent off up to 30 days prior to birth.

On the day of birth, the medical team collects the umbilical cord blood and cord tissue immediately after the baby’s birth and before the placenta is delivered.

After the collection of the samples, the parents should contact Stemlab to schedule the pick-up of the collection kit with the transport company, who will take it to our laboratory.

Once at the laboratory, the stem cells are processed and stored within 24 to 48 hours after birth. At the same time, quality control is performed on the received samples: tests for infectious agents, microbiological analyses and the determination of the number of stem cells and their viability.

Once the sample has been processed and analysed, parents are informed of the stem cell cryopreservation result. If the sample does not meet the criteria for being used in the future, it is not cryopreserved, the parents are duly informed and the amount paid is refunded.

Once compliance with all criteria for the successful cryopreservation of stem cells has been confirmed, parents are sent a Storage Certificate, which contains all the information related to the sample. Stem cells are conserved for a 25 year period and a doctor may request the sample at any time.