Stemlab Laboratory

A reference in Europe’s stem cell cryopreservation industry


Our Laboratory


Stemlab owns a world-class laboratory, ensuring highest levels of quality and security. Due to its continuous investment in its infrastructure and processes, it has been awarded with the accreditation of the American Association of Blood Banks, which establishes the most demanding quality criteria for blood banks worldwide.

Design and infrastructure

In order to guarantee the quality and security of stem cells stored with Stemlab, the layout and design of our laboratory were defined by taking into account demanding failsafe standards, such as:

  • Clean rooms: rooms equipped with a system to control the level of pollutants in the air, to prevent the contamination of samples during the laboratory process;

  • Alarm centre: all cryopreservation containers are connected to an alarm centre, which provides an immediate alert in the event of any anomaly;

  • Preventive measures: to ensure that the cryopreservation process is never at risk, we have a reserve of 11000 l of nitrogen and a diesel-powered emergency generator.

Operation and processes

The systems implemented by Stemlab are the most demanding and have been accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Stemlab is one of few European stem cell banks to obtain this accreditation for cord blood and the only one that has received it for cord tissue.

AABB is a not-for-profit association comprised of many specialists, which sets out the most demanding quality and security requirements for umbilical cord blood. All laboratories accredited by this association are audited on a regular basis by international specialists, who verify the quality systems of the entire operational area. In addition, Stemlab participates in external proficiency testing programs, during which international bodies test and certify the reliability of the processes used by us to control the quality of stored samples.

Team of specialists

Stemlab’s team of technicians is highly specialised and is made up of experts in different fields of life sciences, who work 7 days a week to ensure that processing and storage of the stem cells is done at highest levels of quality.

In our laboratories we employ specialists in the fields of cell biology, molecular biology, flow cytometry, haematology and immunology, with experience in the processing, analysis and cryopreservation of thousands of samples.

In 2013 Stemlab initiated the extension of the laboratory facilities not only to increase the storage capacity for up to 300 000 samples, but also to be capable of developing new products/services (including clinical trials) for cell therapies, based on stem cells from different human tissues.