Our Mission

At Stemlab we work every day to improve the quality of life of all families who trusted us with the cryopreservation of their stem cells.


Our mission

To increase opportunities of existing and future treatments with stem cells, by actively contributing to the evolution of science in the field of cell therapy:

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    Enabling the access to advanced treatments

    The cryopreservation of stem cells is the only possibility to ensure that they will be available in the future to treat over 80 diseases. Many more diseases are currently being investigated, therefore making it possible for any families who opt for this solution to access the most advanced treatment options. This is why Stemlab was founded, being one of the first cryopreservation banks in Europe in 2003.

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    Promoting the extension of cutting edge applications of stem cells

    Through a constant commitment to Research & Development in the field of life sciences, including the establishment of partnerships with scientific institution. This approach has already had practical results, with Stemlab being the first company in Portugal to register a patent for stem cell treatments.